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Identity. Values. Trust.

In the digital era, brands, companies and people are
highly visible online. The time of reputations being
built through passive media channels and press
releases are over. Nowadays, engagement and
transparency are really important to building solid
ground for your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

As search engine algorithms and trends change, companies should also revise and refocus their online reputation strategy. Social Media importance is increasing as a way of claiming your spot in the Google search results, as well as the way to portray your company and your brand’s values to the world. It’s always more difficult to fix a bad reputation rather than beginning with an effective reputation strategy while adapting to the changing market trends.

At DigiAstrum, we believe that online reputation strategy needs to start from understanding first who the brand/organisations truly are and what image they want to portray to the customers. This clear brand vision should be imbedded in the overall online marketing strategy. We support organisations building an effective online reputation strategy that attracts their target audiences whilst raising their expert position in the market place. We streamline the online communication and optimise your presence in search engines, social media channels, review sites and consumer generated media.